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42. Beef Royal, Second Course

Beef Royal (1723), Second Course
Specialty Equipment: water bath, digital thermometer, pressure cooker
Specialty Ingredients: nitrite salt
Days: 4
Dish as in The Fat Duck (can’t find any photos of the dish as served in The Fat Duck):


Oh yeah, the short ribs have been bought, cooked, eaten and digested. They’re out of my life. It’s been a quite an undertaking, and am glad it’s over. Luckily the actual recipe was not that complicated, especially since I already made the meat and bone craving beef sauce. All I had to do was cook an ox tongue, some onions, reheat cooked turnips and finish the sauce (next to the short ribs of course).

When starting the recipe I assumed the ribs were the thing that would take the most time. It turned out to be the tongue (I used a calf’s tongue  to cut back on the amount of meat) with a brining and cooking time of 4 days. In my case they took 5 days, because, as nuts as I am when it comes down to the cookbook, didn’t buy a second water bath setup to be able to cook the tongue and ribs simultaneously at different temperatures. The ribs have to go in at 57˚C, while the tongue has to be cooked at 65˚C. I cooked the tongue for 2 days alongside the ribs and gave them an extra day at 65˚C to force every last cell to surrender.


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