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54. Coconut Baccy

Coconut Baccy
Specialty Equipment: refractometer
Specialty Ingredients: glucose, glycerine, teenage coconuts
Days: 7
Dish as in The Fat Duck:


Black Cavendish tobacco. What a revelation. My mind instantly went to cigarettes when I read about the use of tobacco in this recipe and couldn’t help thinking ‘why’. I was pleasantly surprised to find out Black Cavendish smells incredible, with hints of caramel and dried fruits. A very, very enticing smell. I haven’t smoked it yet, but am definitely going to try it. Just have to rustle up a pipe somewhere.

Before proceeding with the actual recipe I like to take up some space for the upcoming, and the last I have to cook by the way, recipe: the Sound of the Sea. There are a couple of ingredients I’ve been looking for for ages to no avail. They are:


Edible blue shimmer powder (got it)
Brown carbonized vegetable powder (hopeless)
White soy sauce (maybe got it)
Codium seaweed (can only puchase 1kg for >40€)
Japanese lily bulb (got it)


Anyone any thoughts on where to get these things? White soy sauce can be ordered online, but I can’t find any Dutch websites selling the stuff and am not to keen on the shipping costs I came across from other websites. As for the other ingredients I have no fucking idea where to even begin to look. I tried a couple of Japanese stores for the lily bulb, but all I got were blank faces and the occasional laughter when I left that a silly white boy wanted such a rare, indigenous ingredient. So tips are welcome.


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